New Year’s Resolutions!

1 Jan

Has everyone thought about New Year’s Resoloution?  Today is a good day to make some.

How about Diet & Exercise?  Has anyone NOT made one on that theme?

I don’t mean dieting to lose or gain weight and I don’t mean cardio/weight training/yoga/etc:  that’s obvious.

What I want to emphasise is Nutrition as the focus of one’s diet.

That means, 6 categories of nutrients:  Water, Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat, Vitamins and Minerals.

Only 3 of them provide energy, and we need a certain quantity of each daily.

Thinking about the right mix of nutrients is good exersice for the brain.

The self control of maintaining the right mix is good for the mind.

The right mix is good for the body.

Reading the lables is a great way to find out what and how much is being consumed.


1. Sodium is an essential nurtient

2. Sodium is an element (as in, the Periodic Table of Elements)

3.  Sodium IS NOT SALT


5. Salt (i.e. table salt) is only 40% sodium.  The majority of salt is chlorine (another essential nutrient).

6. NaCl, Sodium Chloride tastes salty.  Other forms of sodium do not.

7.  The problem is in the “processed” foods.  READ THE LABEL and try and see how hard it can be to keep the sodium between 1,500 and 2,500 a day.

Why is this problem still going on?


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