3 Jan

Tuesday, January 03, 2012:

Today’s entry is on the subject of IGNORANCE.

Is there more ignorance in the world today than in the past? – or – Are people more ignorant today than in the past?

Is there simply so much more knowledge in the world today that people have a lower percentage of it?

Worse, if we add to the world body of knowledge about ignorance, will we widen the gap?

Does ignorance reproduce?  How fast?

Is ignorance encouraged as a strategy by one group to have an advantage over others?

Are some people exempt?

Is it better to know you are ignorant of something than thinking you know?  If so, is that better for others’  perceptions of you?

Does it even matter in the long term?

Is ignorance just a brain function, moving electrons around to park thoughts like cars?

(Have you been surprised at the way people park cars sometimes?)

The ignorance  I’m talking about is:  not knowing-  It could be having a blank space in one’s brain where the information would be stored or having the wrong information about something stored.  In addition, knowing the correct information but utilizing the incorrect information is included in my definition.

For example,

Every time I see an article in a magazine or newspaper or see a report on TV about cutting back on sodium and they switch to calling it “salt”, I cringe.  I know what the source is here:  the journalists.  It’s understandable- they are just journalists (as opposed to bloggers), with guidelines, bylines, deadlines and headlines.  Even if a conscientious journalist were careful to differentiate between the many forms of sodium in food and “salt”, some headline editor would probably slap a big bold “LESS SALT”  on top of the article.

How about this:  do people  still not know what side of the road to walk on (facing cars) and on which side to ride a bicycle (with cars)?

Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough?  Wash your hands after going to the bathroom?   Very basic health and safety knowledge seems to be slipping through the cracks.

Do you every wonder why certain people drive their cars certain ways at certain times?

Do you wonder how they can possibly squeeze one out in the morning?

Do you think that, as cars get easier to drive, less driving skills are required to drive them?

Have you ever felt a level of annoyance when someone’s poor driving habits endanger your safety and the safety of others?  Here’s a tip:

Instead of embarking on a mental journey of uncountably infinite fractal spirals trying to figure out why they do things like that with their car,  think this:  Your reflexes are so much better than theirs- you were able to avoid them.

Ignorance.  All sorts.

Have you seen any lately?

Please let me know.  If I have some warning in advance, at least I can brace myself when it smacks into me.

– nhd


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