2 Nutrition Website Links

4 Jan

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

How is everyone doing with the diet so far this year?

Assuming you have enough food to eat, what about information on what the food you are eating contains?

Here are two good websites to use to find out what the nutrient contents of your food are:

Nutritiondata, nutrient details from CondéNet:


The USDA  Nutrient Data Laboratory website:


And now, a little bit about:

Vitamin C


  • Vitamin C will gladly give up one or two Hydrogen atoms to free radicals to protect your cells.  Later, when called for, it can re-absorb the hydrogen atoms, making it ready to perform as an anti-oxidant again.  This recycling characteristic helps the body maintain sufficient levels of the vitamin throughout the day.
  • Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron by slowing its oxidation process.


  • Orange juice is a fast way to get some.  An 8oz. glass has 100-120% the daily requirement (2000 RDA: 90 mg men, 75 mg women), along with a nice dose of Potassium (K).  Orange juice usually contains no Sodium (Na).  Have a glass.
  • Other food sources?  There are many.  Keep in mind that, since Vitamin C decomposes at 190° C (374° F), low temperature cooking will not destroy it.  However, it is water soluble, and it can leach into the cooking water which later gets dumped out.  There are exceptions, such as Broccoli, which leaches out Vitamin C at a slower rate (i.e. it retains more).


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