The Great Sleep Deprivation

10 Jan

Today, Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SLEEP! – Now there’s a good New Year’s Resolution:

Get at least one 8-hour serving at least once a week.

How about once a month?

What is happening to a full night’s sleeep?

Who is robbing us of our sleep?  Where are they keeping it? (The Sonoran Desert?)

Who is behind this- Great Sleep Deprivation?  Is it an honest mistake caused by something like a side effect of all of those digital watches? Or something horrible, such as our pineal glands mutating like a 50’s movie due to radiation from all of those Atomic Clocks?

Or is it something more sinister, nefarious…a conspiracy!

Could it be the same people that make billions of dollars off us all tweaking the banks by changing the clocks an hour twice a year? (At 2am, oh, coincidently while we finally get a chance to be and they know we will be and are too tired to catch them because we are sleeping.)

Oh, let ’em have the money.

And what about when you wake up an hour or two before your alarm and are WIDE AWAKE?

You debate getting up early and getting a jump on the productivity but decide – “no, I’ll just try to go back to sleep until the alarm; I’ll be that much more rested.”

Then it actually IS time to get up and you feel like a ton of bricks was dumped on your head?!?

The little bit of extra sleep MADE YOU MORE TIRED!!!

What is that all about?

I’m going to add this to my New Year’s Resolution(s) list anyway.

8 hours!

(Dream on)

So this shows...I uh..oh I'm too tired to figure this out.



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