New Superheroes: The Just-Us League!

13 Jan

 Friday, January 13th, 2012

(“Friday The 13th“, btw)

Standing around the water cooler, somebody started talking about starting a new superheros team and wanted to know what superpowers we wanted.  I requested the ability to fly. Somebody else wanted time travel.  I forget the rest, I know there was an X-ray vision in there.   No one wanted to leap over tall buildings with a single bound.

I suggested  the name of the team should be “The Justice Fatigue”.  There were not too many takers.

Later on in the day, I thought that maybe the ability to playback any event in time would be better.

The next day I was thinking about it again and decided that I could be really clever and say my superpower would be the ability to communicate with people.

As long as the uniform is cool, I’m ok with it.

We've got your six!

Please Note: If your superhero is missing from this photo…well, you try to line up a bunch of prima donna superheroes to pose for a photo!

Coming soon:

  • Truth, Justice and the American Way
  • Communism
  • Mental Illness
  • The Difference between Men and Women
  • Chemistry
  • And more!



One Response to “New Superheroes: The Just-Us League!”

  1. nhd January 28, 2012 at 6:51 PM #

    I just thought of one:

    The ability to project any face into the mirror of someone.
    Your friends would know it was you playing around..others?

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