Electronic Protest March

18 Jan

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Electronic Protest March

SOPA, PIPA and Wikipedia

Thank you, Wikipedia, for the 24 hr. blackout protest, information on what the politicians are doing and the links to communicate with them..

This is timely- right on the heels of Martin Luther King Day, Wikipedia is leading a major human rights protest march to Washington.  Google has the message on their home page and it’s the top story on their news page.  It is the top story on Al-Jazeera’s home page.  Three strikes, it’s out there!

I went to WordPress home page to post this and they are in – (screen shot below.)  It’s also Microsoft’s (aka “Bing, MSN”) lead news article; Craigslist  has devoted pages to it and, well, everybody who can – anyone without a corporate lawyer telling them not to – is recognizing it in some way.

The TV networks will even have to cover this.

It’s raining, cold, but I don’t have to go outside to protest- I can do it from my computer.

It’s never been easier to “send a letter to your congressman”:    (https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml)

It’s never been easier to send a message.

Al-Jazeera's Home Page's Top Story is Wikipedia's Home Page - How Cool Is That?

Google's Home Page

WordPress' Home Page

It’s never been easier to get the message.



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