Good and Evil

31 Jan

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good and Evil –

Not simple inverses of each other- that would make them equal.

Good is larger, everything that is and is functioning properly.

Evil is smaller, with a destructive effect on good.

The subject of Good and Evil is not black & white, yes/no, Yin/Yang, On/Off etc.

Evil can act like a parasite with the potential to destroy the host and itself with it, however, it is not an independent organism that survives dormant in the carpet or soil for years, waiting for something to jump on.

It is a logical flaw of the mind that is a result of improper error checking.

For example, a TV or Radio commentator can say something completely inadvertently and pollute the thoughts of listeners.

Hoards of listeners then have the obligations to remove the false thought from their minds- and this assumes that they can recognize it.

This Evil (false thought) can be very subtle and go unnoticed for days, months, years.

False hate, for example- a listener hears something about the president, a celebrity or a generalized group and remembers it. Not as a memory of the commentator, but as a memory of the President, celebrity or generalized group.

The first reality check should be: have you ever met the President, celebrity or generalized group? Do you think the commentator has ever met them?

Most likely, no.

They do not know the subjects, have never even met them and neither has the listener!

These are the perfect conditions for planting false thoughts and initializing a false memory.

(Had you some firsthand knowledge of the subject, the commentator’s remarks would have set off alerts in your mind to verify their comments with what you actually know already.)

Lack of knowledge of a subject is what commentators depend on.  Ignorance of a subject is what Evil depends on.

Blank areas of your brain are just blank areas.  However, if you take a blank area and tell it “Hey, you should have information here, what’s going on?” –  You create the conditions for ignorance.

Think of the blank/empty brain cells as a wall, and think of information as a balloon.

Touch the balloon to the wall-nothing happens- the balloon falls to the ground.

But if you rub the balloon in your hair, create an excitement on the surface, touch it to the wall: viola! –The balloon sticks!  Not for long, unless….well, you could take a picture of the balloon on the wall and it will last longer.

What causes the friction and the static charge as on the balloon is the receptive state of the brain’s biochemistry that I am trying to paint a picture of- something unnatural that makes the brain as receptive to false information as the wall and balloon.

In the long term, the affect and effects can accumulate, grow in influence to the point where they dominate all thoughts on the particular subject and influence the mind.

There are enough examples of people who are accepted as good examples of Evil.  The question becomes, can they shake it when they die?  Are there “ghosts” that have defined themselves so much by evil that they fear there would be nothing left of themselves if they discharge all that static malfunctioning electricity?

The personification of Evil is an old exorcise. “Evil Incarnate!” Put a face on it to get a better understanding.  I don’t think that has done the job. You don’t need to put a face on Evil.  Evil will put the face on you.  The face is easy to spot. So is the Good one.

And if you think of Evil residing inside someone, making the life of the person miserable, what about the possibility that the Evil is miserable- maybe even more miserable- and just trying to get out. Maybe we should just let it out and see if it comes back.

The subject of “Good and Evil” still comes up somewhere, every day.  That’s ok.  That’s Good. I just noticed the obvious yesterday that the subject is spoken of as if they are equal, opposing forces.  They are not equal.  If they were, they would cancel each other out and there would be nothing.



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