4 Feb

Saturday, February 4th, 2012


Three Rivers, Motor City, MOTOWN!

Here is a plan to revitalize the Detroit Windsor area:

Establish Detroit as a United Nations State, specifically catering to immigration into the USA.

Detroit epitomizes the collapse of the American industrial heartland. It is our duty to defibrillate this  heartland with a jolt of political know how.

1.  All immigration into the USA will be processed through Detroit USA/Windsor CA.

2.  Financing will be provided by the three major current streams of cash:

  • Russia, (Russian Oligarchs), i.e. Google
  • China,  (Die Grosse Mao-erstrasse), i.e. Wall Street
  • OPEC, (OPEC), i.e. OPEC

3.  Everyone will be guaranteed entry and exit.

This will guarantee population growth for Detroit, solving the problem of ridership on the People Mover.

Go Ahead - You First!


(It’s great, really. “Build it and they will”  Can you imagine the sales pitch to Detroit taxpayers:  “With the people mover, we will reduce the number of cars needed for transportation in the city.”?)  You can’t make this stuff up.

(Maybe the problem is not Detroit. Maybe it has been Windsor all along..)

Regardless, Windsor will benefit enormously from this.

It’s a Win – Windsor proposition.



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