What a Coincidence!

11 Feb

Satruday, February 11 th, 2012

Well isn’t that a coincidence?  (No.)

It is a coincidence.

But, a coincindence of what?

Next Question:  How many outrageous,  no-way-impossible coincidences does it take to get you to stop asking questions about it?

(I am thinking of a number between..)

More important:  Are you sure you really want to know?

(WarningIf you keep asking, the possibility exists that you may eventually find out.)

Coincidence seems to cross the normal boundaries of the rules of reality.  It is almost as if there is a built-in safety device in our minds to spot them and forget them –  “Don’t talk about it”.

One thing about them that I’d bet we all agree on:

They are really cool.



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