OBT / OMG- Flowers & Snowflakes Steal the Show

23 Dec

December 23, 2012

Oregon Ballet Theater’s (OBT) Nutcracker performance last night was one for the record.  The “corps”- aka flowers and snowflakes- upstaged the soloists.  Not only did they upstage the soloists, they stole the show.

Everything everyone has ever been trying to do with the Waltz of the Flowers (and Snowflakes) came together last night like magic.  The flowers looked like real flowers – petals flapping in time and direction of the sun, pestals undulating in the wind – one could not take their eyes off the flowers (or snowflakes) to look at the soloists.

The coustomes were perfect – not too bulky/fluffly and just a swash of color in the center(for the flowers) – to help it look real. The snowflakes looked like actual snoflakes- smimmering, not freezing rain, not drizzle: snowflakes!!!

And the Pas de Deux was perfect.  The snowflakes, Pas de deux and the flowers – three strikes and you were knocked out.

Congrats, OBT (dancers, crew & AD)



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