Fred !

26 Nov

Fred !

Saturday, November 25, 2016

Yesterday I heard that Fred died.

R.I.P. Fred

I’ve only been acquainted with Fred for 4 or 5 months, but one knew instantly that he was the real deal. No minced words, just the facts or straight to the point or both.

For example, when he got another shot in his eye to dry up the burst blood vessels due to a previous problem with his eye, I asked him “How did that happen?”  He gave me a glance and said “Complications due to diabetes.”

The last time I saw him he didn’t look too happy about something.  I asked him if he was alright.

He kept staring at his cell phone and said: “I just gotta go!”

Maybe I’m greedy or slow to catch on but I was hoping to get more words of wisdom / secrets of the universe from Fred.

Maybe that would have broken the rules because then they wouldn’t be secrets anymore, right?

Fred; just “like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.”



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