Happy Memorial Day !

29 May

Happy Memorial Day !

Monday, May 29th, 2017


It is:

  1. A Holiday
  2. A Day off
  3. Dedicated to the ultimate sacrifice of one’s (ones’) Worldlies, marked with a memorial.
  4. Honor

Did I get that right?

It’s important. It is part of learning from the past; lessons passed forward to remember in order to avoid having to learn them again- the hard way.

With only 365 (+/-) days in the year, these people earned one for their contribution.

They say that forgetting is a normal and necessary (healthy) brain function and thinking about war and violent death is not something one wants to think about all the time. It is unpleasant.

The happy part (of Happy Memorial Day) is that we get to relax, socialize, picnic, etc.

We’re here thanks to Them. These people did the job that no one wants to do in order to get it over with so that we don’t have to do it.


So now, forget about it until next year and have a

Happy Memorial Day!

GM, fr-nhd


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