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WebGen: The New Shut-Ins

22 Jun

WebGen:  The New Shut-Ins

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

     I debated putting ” “” ” (quotation marks) around the “New”.

Most people think of shut-ins as old or sick people stuck in their homes who can’t get out.

These individuals are usually (painfully) aware of their situation.

The new shut-ins I am referring to are the young people stuck in their cell phones who can’t get out.





“As long as you do the best that you can – that’s the important thing”

Vitamin W

Vitamin “W”




The Wonder Wheel Book





Caveman turning the wheel into a bar.


Re-inventing the wheel; they’ll come around.

Or fall over.




The Great Impresario, Sol Hurok !

9 Apr

The Great Impresario Sol Hurok !

April 9, 2017

I’m thinking of changing my name to:

“The Great Taxi Driver, Fred Rico” in honor of  The Great Impresario, Sol Hurok !.



Happy Birthday, Sol !


John Prine

21 Feb

John Prine

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

One of the most powerful songs I’ve ever heard: Angel from Montgomery by John Prine

It was 1974-5 in a “Tea House” in Bridgeport Connecticut.

A female guitarist was playing and singing the song.

I could not believe my ears.

What does “Make me an Angel, that flies from Montegomery. Make me a poster, from an old rodeo.” mean?

Anyway, the lines below are less cryptic and really dot the (third) i’s:

” How the hell can a person

go to work in the morning,

come home in the evening

and have nothing to say?”


“there’s flies in the kitchen.

I can hear ’em there buzzn’.

And I ain’t done nothin’

Since I woke up today.”

Who can write lines like that and get away with it in plain sight?

It’s the equivalent of sky-writing the next winning lottery numbers over the town and nobody gets it.

Happy New Year !

1 Jan

Happy New Year and The Rent’s Due  !!!

January 1, 2015

It's Gotta Be New Year's Eve Somewhere Else Too

It’s Gotta Be New Year’s Eve Somewhere Else Too

All the best,

-nhd (aka Fred Rico)

Two Security Cameras

8 Feb

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

 Two Security Cameras Meet….

Paul Klee really did it with his “Two Men Meet, Each Supposing the other to be of Higher Rank” (Zwei Männer, einander in höherer Stellung vermutend, begegnen sich 1903)

Here’s a link to that one:

A better resolution” cameras “file is at:

The whole idea of security cameras looking at us all the time makes me think we should really be looking back at them.


The Day After Groundhog Day

3 Feb

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

I missed Groundhog day!

How many more days of ______does that mean for me?

In case you missed yesterday's report...


First Thursday, Portland, Oregon – One Hour Stalk: Everett Station Galleries

6 Jan

Art Galleries, Portland, OR:  First Thursday, January 05, 2012

What:  A one hour stalk of art galleries in Portland, Oregon on the 1st Thursday of the month (when they are are all open late),  centered on the Everett Station Galleries (Between Broadway & 6th/ Everett & Flanders)

FotoEffect  Gallery consistently delivers….a semi-permanent exhibit with new work added every month.

Always a “must see”.  .  Artists Vilem and Kristina each have a wall and mix it up in the middle.  This place is a staple of the First Thursday / Everett Station scene and a mandatory visit.

Affordable to moderate prices.

Website:  (

Werks / Cris and Sweet P. Cole anchor the Everett Station Galleries Block at the corner of Everett and 6th.  There is a lot of serious talent with what looks like an occasional  Kim Fowley style mentoring relationship with art students.  Next door to the Pony Club, it is a mandatory visit on First Thursdays.

Pony Club Gallery- Pony Club always has something for everyone. A really good permanent exhibit with new things every month.  Affordable to moderate pricing, it is another mandatory visit on First Thursdays.

SoHiTek– R.S. Delucco Poster work on display this month:  11 x 17.  A good selection of tabloid and a few “plus” sizes.  This gallery is only a few months old, but the electricity of the creative energy combined with state of the art music there is obvious.

Nearby, the

Butters Gallery, 520 NW Davis, 2nd Floor (There is an elevator, but the stairs are cooler) – This month’s exhibit:  Carolyn Cole and David Geisler.

My first time at Butters, it is now on the mandatory visit list. Big, high end/New York City/Madison Ave look, they make you feel comfortable.  A good place to see what the people with a lot of money are buying.  A lot of it looks like it should be in a museum.

  • Carolyn Cole has a good command of color and some really good paintings behind the wall around the first corner.  Three paintings, Blue, Green and Orange are hard to stop looking at.
  • David Geisler has mixed media work in the other half of Butters.  Mr. Geisler brings street cred from his San Francisco days in the 60’s-70’s underground comix scene.  This show is geared more toward the people with the need to do something with the walls in the really big rooms of their really big houses (that they are never in because they have too many houses and are jetting around the world visiting other people’s really big houses, etc.).

No hard feelings, really- if I had a few of those houses I know I would have to have some of this.

Butters is a good, high end gallery with a good show this month.  Also, everything was reasonably priced (i.e. under 6 figures).

Good website for info:  (

Backspace, 115 NW 5th Ave.  – A large restaurant/café/gallery combination with a stage and a really good layout that provides lots of room to move around.

Sample Backspace Program

The website  ( ) says they are an “active music venue” and there is certainly enough information on there to support the claim.  This is a destination place;  I want to go back and see more.  Located  just to the right of “Compound”.

Poets Slug it out at Backspace

Compound, ( , on the corner of 5th and Couch – Very Cool store/gallery.  Retail art plus gallery plus clothing makes this the first place to go when you need to purchase a present for someone that needs to be cool and tasteful.  I’ve never seen anything like this place before.

The website says that their mission statement is to combine Japanese art scene with American art “collectors” – sounds a little hokey,  like business plan lingo.  It’s a cool store, regardless.

First Prize:

Abstract Idea Motion / Larry Shuput :  Everett Station Galleries, Broadway between Everett & Flanders

Larry Shuput did it again, but this time with a can of purple paint.

Larry cranks out a lot of paintings each month and always uses spray paint (cans).  He does things with them that the inventor of spray paint would never have imagined.  You cannot tell it was spray paint.  The way he works the can with his collection of universal shape sifters, edges and scrapers is remarkable.

This month, however, he parked the spray cans.  Everything was purple latex.  Some of the paintings were painted over other paintings.  The bleed through was just right, along with the speculation of  when the day comes to peel away the whole layer of latex.

The group of 4 paintings on the wall facing the street is the most powerful.  Anyone with a lazy third eye would immediately be drawn in to them with a loud splat from hitting the mental flypaper.  It was the classic witch’s window effect;  you know you can’t fly though it but can’t resist.

There was also a look of another planet to them.

That’s all I could handle.