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Toilet Paper

2 Jan

Toilet Paper

Monday, January 2, 2017


Good things come in small packages!

I have observed what appears to be an escalating problem:

The price of toilet paper at my local grocery store is now $ 1.00 / roll.

The price of food is always going down while the price of toilet paper is going up…

Who is behind this?

Is it the same people who convince people to purchase  ridiculous overpriced  fluorescent orange sneakers and walk around in public?


You look great!

Did someone neglect to take all of their antibiotics and allow a new, more insidious strain of The Emperor’s New Cloths to develop into a full blown economy ?

At this rate, one should soon be able to order (and pay for) the orange shoes (and the toilet paper) online from their smartphone and have them delivered to their concierge – who will even wear them for you and do your workout at the boutique gym.


At last a new my-self-phone Wipe_out _that_waist_line_!  app

Maybe I’m rong about this; maybe it’s all fine and there’s nothing to worry about and it’ll all come out in the wash.


I cannot, on principle, pay $ 1.00 / roll for toilet paper.

What can I do?

Stop eating?  Have the concierge do an extra hour on the stair-stepper for me?


I’ll take the stares




9 Ladies Dancing Origami & other uses for paper

… sorry about all the images – I’m trying to go paperless here.



Facebook is still just for Idiots

13 Jan

Facebook is for Idiots, Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Part 1

Just for the record, OMG, wtf, get a life, really.

It’s 2016 people!  Why not just post your credit card and bank account and insurance information and click “autobuy”.

Websites are really inexpensive now.  Get one.

And, while on the subject of “there is no free _____”,

dump the gmail/hotmail/msn/yahoo email AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

Oh, wait… are you the people worried about “The Government” spying on you but in Google you trust?


omg, really

and I really debated about capitalizing the word Idiots

Part 2

Someone posted an insulting comment on Christmas Eve to the effect that I needed help decorating my tree.  It was a wise crack / prank, but to facebook users IT MUST BE TRUE!

Yes, weirdos showed up at my door, interrupting the festive occasion with puzzling comments / questions until I heard the word “facebook”.

I found it (the “post” on the facebookpage today, and there is no way to see who posted it or to comment on it without JOINING facebook, because that’s what facebook is.

I’m not going to be a prisoner of this company. I’m not interested.

Are you?

Part 3

Commercializing technology that was free (i.e. “Finger” in unix) is bad enough.  Complete lack of regulation is awful.