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Happy Veterans Day, 2017 !

11 Nov

Happy Veterans Day, 2017 !

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

     We were going to attempt another explanation of this holiday but am holding out on the hope that most people can figure it out themselves.

Thank You Veterans.


Happy Veterans Day !

-GM, S.Lee, F.Rico and Nhd


Stars and Stripes Binding

Low cost computing is speeding up the understanding of the behavior of the Stars and Stripes


(go to Denver for SC17 now!)



9 Jul


Sunday, July 9th, 2017

     Scarbage is the evolved state of garbage left unattended. It leaves a scar after it is cleaned up, like a wound.  It is permanent.  It is vulnerable to infection.  It can be contagious.

It is a combination of social, biological, chemical and physical processes.

Although many of the components in the creation of scarbage have been identified, the processes involved are complex and not yet completely understood.  There is debate among the scientific community over whether or not scarbage is self-aware.

The major components required for scarbage to synthesize are usually a combination of:

  1. Anti-social behavior
  2. Debris
  3. Air
  4. Ignorance
  5. Unsanitary conditions
  6. Exposure to UV light
  7. Time

The time required for scarbage to synthesize varies.

In addition, the type of scar left on the landscape varies.

The three major categories are:

  • Visual
  • Fragrant
  • Audible

It can also be a combination of all three.

There is a lack of consensus whether scarbage is a disease or disorder.

In spite of the fact that an effective vaccine has been available for centuries, many cities refuse to participate in the inoculation.

There is speculation that this refusal is itself a symptom of dormant infection, and may be a mechanism in reproduction,  propagation and overall life-cycle of scarbage.






The Burden of Wealth

7 Apr

The Burden of Wealth

Friday, April 7, 2017


At the edge of the town there were hills, with clean air and clear views of the sunrise, the snow covered volcanoes and the land below. It was the best place to live.

There was a road connecting these hills. It was well maintained and very smooth. It was so smooth, in fact, that it attained the nick name The Silk Road.

One reason for this is that it was long ago, before smart phones, cars – even before horses. The main source of transportation was camels, whose hooves were smooth and kept the road packed tight.

The Silk Road ran from the end of The Main Road (which divided the North and the South), and ran East in a straight line, pointing to the river and beyond, like the needle of a compass that points north.

The Main Road was referred to by many as The Needle”.

At the intersection of two roads leading to these hills was a sharp turn called The Eye”.

Over the years people accumulated wealth in these hills. More than they needed, in fact and more they felt comfortable keeping. They felt helpless as their wealth and possessions grew. They were rich.

In times of famine and need, the rich men would load up their camels with all of their wealth to bring down the hills to the people of the land. They wanted so much to give all of their wealth away.

However, each time they tried, the sharp turn at the bottom of the hill – “The Eye”- was too much for their camels to manage. They had no choice but to continue on, straight through the “Eye of The Needle”, back up the other hill and deposit their wealth with the people on the other hill, who also had already accumulated too much wealth.

So, this is way it was easier for the wealthy to pass with their camels through the eye of the needle than to give away all they owned to those who needed it most.

This was due to physics; atmospheric pressure, inertia, properties of camel hair, etc.

Hard to believe, but true.


Happy April Fools Day !

1 Apr

Happy April Fools Day !

Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fools’ Day; thought I should check in.

Although, May through March wasn’t exactly brillo…


Are they talking about us behind our backs?

Until next year,

The Voices in my Head

– nhd / F. Rico

Put the Yes in Yesterday

23 Mar

Put the Yes in Yesterday

Thursday, March 23, 2017

It’s the positive thought of the day.  A bit syrupy, but in case it is not obvious:

It is targeted toward people who may have bad thoughts about the past, such as

“If only..” or “I regret..” or “I should have done things differently.”or “I should have taken the blue pill.” ,etc.

Not quite the same as putting the past in your behind, more of a thing the electrician does with the “nutes” to get the switches and outlets working properly.


If it’s too smiley face, you can add:

“Put the No in Nothing”



p.s.  “Put the Yes in Yesterday” is something for you right now that you can use in the future about the past.


22 Mar

Word of the Day:  Passive-Oppressive!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Haven’t heard of it before?


No one wants to admit it exists.

But it does.

Usually in social tide pools where the competition for limited resources over-rules virtue, reason and purpose.

It is the the word I have been looking for to describe what I have been observing in dear Portland, Oregon.

Definition:   the chronic activity of those bound by their shame of intellectual and spiritual vapidness, allowing them build moats of misery around themselves to create a false sense of superiority to whom they cause to suffer.

Synonyms:  Phony, Spurious


The Ouchcube does not play that.

– Fred Rico


Monica !

20 Mar

Monica !

March 20, 2017

First Day of Spring

Monica died today.  Her legend lives on.

A Connecticut/NYC cool person; I never met her but always wanted to meet her and see her in action in person.

Something to do with complications due to leukemia….

I hope she is doing well now!


Hello Monica !