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Super Bowl Sunday – Indiana Wins

5 Feb

Suday, February 5, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Super Bowl and Super Bowl Sunday:  a major TV event.  Bigger than Macy’s Day (opps, I meant Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade) but not as big as New Year’s Eve TV coverage of the ball dropping in New York City’s Times Square.

Dropping the ball is always good TV coverage.

According to Wikipedia, ” The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional American football in the United States,…”

Walter Camp

Walter Camp, American Football Pioneer

Often, the teams are referred to by their state of residence, instead of their colorful and thought provoking names.  (I am not sure why, although I suspect it is the thrill of experiencing a sense of disposable, pseudo-nationalism.)

This year (2012) posed a slight dilemma for many followers of the TV event. The two teams competing were the Giants vs. the New England Patriots. Many viewers I spoke with appeared to feel geographically un-represented –

The Giants, aka the New York Giants have two geo-social extra baggage charges:

1. “New York” – bossy New York that is always getting the attention and pushing the rest of the country around and

2.  They actually reside across the river in New Jersey!

The New England Patriots have similar problem:

1. New England with its class ceiling – all of those Mayflower people, Ivy League schools, history, etc. (in fact, out here in Oregon, “New England Ivy” is labeled as an “Invasive Species”;  school children are taught to hate it and neighbors are encouraged to turn each other in if suspected of growing it) and

2.  Nobody knows just what state the New England Patriots are hosted by (it’s Massachusetts).  Ironically, the team’s name used to be simpler and easier to remember: The Boston Patriots.  Somehow “Boston” sounded too New Englandy!

Soo, before getting the detailed economic analysis from that premier Economics Forum , (, one might assume that Indiana won a substantial financial gain from hosting the event.

The main reason for this assumption is based on my general lack of fundamental economic knowledge and the following three items.

1. The obvious influx of cash by the attendees (food, hotels, taxis, etc.)

2. City fees and taxable activities (TV, game related businesses)

3. Revenue related to actual attendance in the stadium, where ticket prices for seats were reported to be between $ 1,000 and $ 100,000– very high prices.

It is amazing what some people will pay to avoid the TV commercials.



Bad Voice Overs!

30 Jan

Monday, January 30, 2012

Would someone puhlleeeeeeeez stop the scratchy phlegmy crusty old guy and squeaky high pitched bubbly squeaky ditzy young female voiceovers on ALMOST HALF OF THE RADIO and TV Commercials?????

Is the same thing really being taught over and over and over and over in business school marketing classes?

Come on.  Stop. Please.


Electronic Protest March

18 Jan

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Electronic Protest March

SOPA, PIPA and Wikipedia

Thank you, Wikipedia, for the 24 hr. blackout protest, information on what the politicians are doing and the links to communicate with them..

This is timely- right on the heels of Martin Luther King Day, Wikipedia is leading a major human rights protest march to Washington.  Google has the message on their home page and it’s the top story on their news page.  It is the top story on Al-Jazeera’s home page.  Three strikes, it’s out there!

I went to WordPress home page to post this and they are in – (screen shot below.)  It’s also Microsoft’s (aka “Bing, MSN”) lead news article; Craigslist  has devoted pages to it and, well, everybody who can – anyone without a corporate lawyer telling them not to – is recognizing it in some way.

The TV networks will even have to cover this.

It’s raining, cold, but I don’t have to go outside to protest- I can do it from my computer.

It’s never been easier to “send a letter to your congressman”:    (

It’s never been easier to send a message.

Al-Jazeera's Home Page's Top Story is Wikipedia's Home Page - How Cool Is That?

Google's Home Page

WordPress' Home Page

It’s never been easier to get the message.


Martin Luther King Day

16 Jan

Monday,  January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King Day, aka Martin Luther King’s Birthday

Holidays are a great way to bring things to people’s attention. Especially when a day off is involved.

This one is a good day to think about civil rights; a good day to check and see if they’re all (still)  there.

Here’s how the Norwegian site Time&Date describes my American Holiday:

We have to give TV some credit for bringing MLK and the civil rights movement to the attention of the country and building momentum.  Al-Jazeera,  ( , seems to be doing it now in Africa and the Mid-East. I wish I could say US TV could still do it today.  The TV networks appear to be as flexible as the old plantation owners.

Maybe WordPress is the next vehicle to disseminate information the way TV used to.

Roll Call Vote by the House, Feb. 10, 1964

Apparently, it took a lot of effort to get the 1964 Civil Rights Act installed.  Why does government have to be so complicated?  Is it politics?

Hindsight is 20-20.  With so many people talking out their backsides for so long, you’d think we would be living in a perfect world already.

Civil Rights seem obvious today.  So obvious we might take them for granted and assume they are always there, right where we left them. Right where someone can snatch them away when we’re not looking.

Maybe it’s a good idea to check in on them.  At least once a year.  Like today.


Iowa & New Hampshire

11 Jan

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


How Many New Hampshires Can You Get For An Iowa?

Whoa!!! Hold your horses.

You gotta be kidding.

According to Wikipedia, the Iowa fixation got started in 1972 by the New York Times.

And then, there’s New Hampshire which wants to be the first, must be the first and will stop at nothing to be the first to have a primary.

Is this what happens when TV combines speed dating and Teen Mom Reality shows? ? (i.e. we just met, shouldn’t we wait a little before we have a president?)

Where’s a Mayan calendar when you need one?

How about if everybody starts their primaries AT THE SAME TIME (for example, 2am when the clocks spring forward)?

They can do the whole thing on blogs for free.  The political parties would send refunds.   It could be real!

I understand the importance of entertainment and having a hobby, but, how about some qualifiers in the broadcast like “This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System…This is only a test..”

Remember Orson Welles & his broadcast of War of the Worlds?  A lot of people thought it was real.

With the TV cameras in New Hampshire now, is Iowa old news already?

Is Iowa  a spot inside an ancient temple that only gets illuminated once every so many years when the planet lines up with the sun and the light shines through the little hole in the ceiling whose purpose puzzled everyone for years?

Iowa’s first, then New Hampshire.  Who is 4th and 5th?

What number is Wyoming?

Do Iowans like all the attention or do you think they find it insincere?

I think it is insincere.  I’d be the first on to say so if I lived in New Hampshire.


Good TV

2 Jan

Monday, January 02, 2012.. Still learning how to use WordPress and how to maintain a blog.

Good TV show:

Brain Games, a 3-part series from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – interactive experiments and tricks provide insight into how the brain processes reality, as well as the concepts of attention, memory, and sensory perception.

It came out in October,  really good.

(Watch It!)